Simulator design is one of DOR most wanted expertise. Simulators are highly important training tool of organisations which provide special service such as police officers. Our experts in this area are in charge of designing simulators that reflect the business requirements. This is achieved by understanding the training needs and suggesting the best simulator with the minimal amount of adaptations to suit these needs.


​Voice over IP and Radio over IP networks are designed to transport voice and radio over a standard IP based communication network. Unlike like with simple data transport, voice and radio applications require special handling as packets order is extremely important. In order to enable reliability, special protocols are added to the TCP/IP protocol suite such as SIP. DOR has experience in designing VOIP and ROIP systems for various applications –

Monitor and Control


Monitoring and control systems are used as a tool to ensure continuous and reliable functionality of all hardware, software and communications. Monitoring and control capability in general, shall be maintained for all layers of the network. DOR professionals design and deploy monitoring and control systems enabling automation and proactivity and focus on providing continuous services rather than technology or infrastructure

Command and Control Centres


With the technological advance, organisations today are required to receive, send, control and monitor a large amount of data than ever before. A manned control centre is the solution to gain control over business processes, provide ongoing, accurate and proactive service. DOR aims at assisting organisations in taking such control in order achieve competitive advantage. Our experts designed and deployed few of the most significant

Data Centres​


One of DOR main expertise is design and deployment of data centres. A complete data centre design is more than a place for servers and communication devices but a rather a comprehensive planning of all supporting building infrastructure such as electricity, generator, UPS, HAVC systems, fire detection and extinguishing, access control, lighting, cabling etc. Our experts put special emphasis on a design that supports the computer and

main advantages is taking into consideration the overall system design issues and align them with other infrastructure such as air-conditioning, electricity, water pipes low-voltage systems etc. Our design includes interior and exterior vertical and horizontal copper fibre optic cabling systems including FTTD (fibre to the desk) solutions. Many of our projects included detailed design of vast fibre optic networks to support complex transmission systems (SDH, Metro Ethernet, DWDM etc.) for a large number of remote sites.

Cabling Infrastructure


The first layer of any integrative communication and computing project is the physical layer. Cabling or "passive" infrastructure design has a critical impact and a long-term significance as it may cause unplanned costs in the future or worse, system malfunctions and failures. DOR-IT specialises designing cabling infrastructure while finding the break-even point of appropriate and scalable design and conforming with the project budget. One of our

​Communication Networks

​Communication network is a one of the lower layer and fundamental element in any computer environment. Design of communication network shall be generic and flexible to accommodate all needs and capacities. DOR has extensive experience in LAN, WAN and transmission communication networks design including physical, wireless and cellular data communication topologies. DOR experts designed Ethernet and WiFi

based networks as well as few of the most complex DWDM over SDH transmision networks, MPLS, Metro Ethernet and Cellular based networks. Our work comprises integration of all networking components (fw’s, routers, bridges and switches) into a single communication backbone that can carry and deliver data or multimedia at speeds and reliability required by the computer system or the user.

organisations require a development of a dedicated information system to suit their needs. DOR specialises in performing a gap analysis between the organisation needs and existing COTS solutions and provide a detailed report of the alternatives. Should the organisations chooses to develop an information System, DOR accompanies the process lifecycle from the initiation through characterisation and design, development ending at successful deployment in the organisation.

a careful attention to consolidation issues and extracting as much capacity from all hardware. Integration of all components is crucial in order to enable a valid functional system. Our design is normally based on a best of breed architecture to support system requirements. Tailored and interlaced computer infrastructure ensures reliability, redundancy, flexibility and scalability.

Homeland Security


One of DOR strengths is design and implementation of home land security (HLS) solutions. HLS includes all components to enable security via technology. Cameras, recordings, detectors, gates, alarms, advanced identification tools, panic buttons etc. can constitute a security package for civil, industrial or military purposes. Deployment of HLS is essentially managed and controlled by the very personnel and systems located in a control

communication systems planned to be installed and deployed in the room. We currently design and deploy few of the most important tier 3 and 4 data centres in Israel for our governmental, municipal and military clients.

control centres in Israel including command centres and war room for the IDF. Our design encompass the issues of seating arrangement, consoles, displays and multimedia matrices, plc, computers and information systems and communication to all devices in the field where applicable. The building infrastructure such as acoustics, lighting, backup power, access control etc. is also taken into consideration. One of the important issues is a pre-definition of event schemes, with a well configured and functional control centre, descision-makers can respond to any relevant event or crisis within their area of responsibility or interest.

Computing Infrastructure


Computing infrastructure is essentially the first building block of the higher logical and physical layers supported by it. DOR architects of computer infrastructure design and deploy complex computer environments that support multiple applications and information systems. Our design includes servers, operating systems, NAS, SAN and Big Data storage systems, databases, virtual environments etc. In the design and architecture process, DOR pays

​centre. Our experience in this field include construction of border control, army bases perimeter security, factories and campuses of high potential of intrusion attempts.

​monitoring. Shifting from a mere control over a certain component in the network to a service oriented control provides unique power to the decision-makers who warrant and encourage investments in order to gain capabilities as such. Our task is to prove better business productivity, our clients and partners in the business, military and governmental sectors rely on DOR proficiency in this area.

telephony, multimedia, and standard analogue army radio comm. Our experts are involved in one of the most important projects in the IDF to enable radio comm. between the command centres and the operating units in remote areas.

Information Systems

Business processes are supported by information systems. Whether it is a finance, logistics, law, medical CRM, ERP or any other decision-making and managerial information system, it critical to have the most effective solution that supports the business process. While many business requirements can be achieved by deploying and customising existing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications and software infrastructure, some


Multimedia systems are designed essentially to handle visual and voice information sources and route it to pre-defined destinations. Organisations demand to better manage information as such and integrate it with existing computerised systems, is increasing by the day. DOR proficiency in complex multimedia system with multiple sources and destinations include event scheme design that are in turn, reflected and configured in a central

construction. The new police academy is one example.

Low-Voltage Systems

​​​Organisations often use low-voltage systems in data centres, control centres and their campuses. This includes cameras, public announcement, access control (biometric or RFID), gates, control units etc. Design and deployment of low-voltage systems is proficiency as it requires DOR consultants to understand the customer. We are currently involved in many low-voltage system design of projects in the area of buildings and campuses

​Smart City / Campus​​

Smart city / campus enables enhanced communication within a predefined area by deploying advanced technology and infrastructure in order to allow effective collaboration and information exchange, provide advanced services to citizens and achieve optimisation of capabilities and processes. DOR professionals designed smart campuses for numerous purposes, our unique capability includes integration of several

technologies into one comprehensive system. We designed smart cities for various purposes: increase security by deploying cameras in key areas and provide a sense of safety, enable better management of the campus / city, enhanced connection between citizens and their municipality, provide better service to residents, establishment of an updated and involved community, strengthen the bond between the citizen and the authority, improve the level of monitoring and control, and ultimately - improve residents the quality of life. We specialize in the specification and design of systems including GIS, engineering systems, population management, student registration systems, parking, finance, collection systems and human resources and more.

Telephony Systems


Telephony systems design is an expertise. Either traditional, IP enabled or Pure IP solutions, a careful analysis of the organisations requirements needs to be carried out. DOR telephony experts examine the telephony needs with regards to the number of users and usage needs as well as anticipated capacity. The telephony system will be determined after considering the existing network infrastructure. The analysis is used for a design of the a PBX

type, number and types of PSTN connections (PRI, analogue, SIP etc.) and the special PBX capabilities such as call waiting, conference call, message boxes and so on. One of our strengths is shifting organisations to IPTEL in order to reduce operating costs, provide enhanced telephony capability and to better utilise and consolidate existing network resources.

We have experience in designing and deploying shooting, driving, and 3d event oriented simulators.

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metric that delivers only the relevant information to a certain user. This enables a full utilisation of technology to support decision-making and to better understand situations and respond accordingly.