Business intelligence (BI) systems constitute a management tool that supports decision making in organizations. DOR specializes in providing modeling and data analysis solutions using Microsoft Power BI on all databases as well as other data sources, whether within the organization or on the cloud, while presenting a unified monitor and ability to compile reports at various cross sections.

The BI tool may be used for improvement of the organization's business and work processes, in order to make decisions in different issues according to the nature of its core activity.

Use of BI in the organization is considered a springboard to data-driven management, enabling full flexibility and connectivity for all databases and systems in the organization, as well as data modeling and creation of reports and dashboards for various functions in the organization, mainly management.

DOR currently manages and executes projects in the BI area for organizations in different sectors and scopes, by expert technologists in this area. The projects include identification of the systems and information sources, characterization of the functional needs from BI, modeling, and creation of a GUI that provides a status report according to the organization’s requirements. These projects have proven to be of great added value to the organizations we have carried them out for.

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