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Israeli Police Force – The Police Academy

Construction of advanced academy designed to provide all multi-disciplinary training and recruitment's requirements of new police officers. The project is a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model and includes all strategies and methods of the 25 year contract. The systems include all communication networks, information systems, simulators, security and computing.

IDF – Communication Infrastructure

​Construction of a vast army communication network infrastructure to carry all data, voice and video applications in different classifications. The infrastructure includes all communication centers, relay stations, fiber optic cabling, transmission networks, data security and control systems.

IDF – High Command and Control Centers

Deployment of high technology systems in a unified control and monitoring center for the northern high command. The project includes all communication infrastructure and systems to support the daily and war-state needs including all applications and remote video from different areas. The center designed according to operational modules to support all combat scenarios.

Israeli Airport Authority – The Traffic Control Tower

These days we are part of the construction and deployment of a new traffic control tower in the Ben-Gurion Airport. The tower includes the various dedicated information systems and application to support the traffic controller. The systems reside on a complex communication network including redundant data centres and communication infrastructure. The modules in the cab are designed to provide maximum control capabilities to the controllers during day-to-day activities and emergency situations.

Mekorot - The Israeli Water Company – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Construction of a backup site for disaster recovery purposes for three different centres of the supervision centres deployed by the company. The backup site includes all communication infrastructure, computing, databases, and the land wireless networks to support the supervision needs. The site is divided into operational modules to better enable the company's tasks in the case of emergency.

Israeli Railways – Railway Supervision Centre

These days we lead to construction and deployment of the new supervision centre of the Israeli railways. The centre is responsible to plan and monitor the train activity and make sure all is coordinated. The project includes all technical rooms that contain the vast communication means and equipment including the communication networks, signalling systems, computing, data security and the dedicated monitoring systems.

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Disaster Recovery
Deployment of a backup data centre for business continuity purposes in the case of disaster. The data centre provides the ability to the different users, including the Israeli consulates and embassies, to continue to work in case of a crisis in the main data centre. The project includes all virtualisation servers, storage systems, applications and data security in order to comply with the requirements stipulated by the security division as well as to provide a fast RPO and RTO.

Israeli Institution for Biological Research – Communication Network

Construction of a new communication network that provides all information systems and applications for the institution users. The network is comprised of all switches, routers, firewalls, servers and storage networks that together constitute the organisation network.

IDF – Gaza Division Control Centre

​Construction of a new army base that includes the main control center and war rooms for the daily activity and emergency cases. The centre includes all technological infrastructure to support the local and remote systems. The centre is divided into operational modules to enable the activity of all different units.

Municipality of Ariel – Secured City

Deployment of security elements in the city (i.e cameras and detectors) in order to enable the monitoring centre to control and enforce security around the city. The project includes a data center that consists all systems, servers, and communication elements to provide the monitoring center with the ability to perform its complex tasks.

IDF - Homeland Security

Constriction and deployment of security elements in army bases (i.e cameras, detectors, gates and access control) in order to prevent breach to restricted areas. The project is designed to provide a unified control center to monitor activities in bases and to correspond in cases of possible thefts or terror attempts. The security elements are carried upon a dedicated and redundant communication infrastructure to enable their full function.

Israeli Rabbinical Courts – Judging Application

Development and deployment of a new judging application including all its system and communication infrastructure. The project includes construction of a new data center that consists all servers, storage systems, databases, data security and control systems. Part of the design include a disaster recovery site.

Natali Emergency Services – Contact Centre

Natali is one of major emergency companies in Israel with over 100,000 tele-medical customers across the country. The project included construction of a new 24X7 contact center to replace the old one while keeping all operations intact. The Contact center consists of para-medical systems that lie on a complex communication networks and CTI abilities. The challenge was the changeover process that was well planned and took place at night.

Israeli Ministry of Justice/The Courts Management – "Future Computing"
We are currently designing the project in which the judging platform of the Israeli courts will shift to a new site. The current site comprises of over 300 servers and 6 operational LANs and a consolidation process is in order. While shifting to a new location, the challenge is to enable business continuity to the system's users.