​Avi Avraham – CEO

Avi, Lt. Colonel (retired) in the Israeli Air Force, MA in medical administration, BA in political science, practical electronics engineer – majored in communication. Avi has extensive experience in the field and headquarters positions of over 25 years. As the head of the networking systems division, he led many multi-disciplinary advanced technology projects for a wide variety of the IAF units such as Nevatim AF base communication and computer deployment, AF transmission network construction, command and control centres etc. In 2008, Avi has joined DOR Information Technologies and lead few of the most complex projects in the governmental and military sectors in Israel as the company V.P. As of 2016, Avi became DOR CEO.

Jacob Cohen - V.P Engineering and Systems

Kobi, Lt. Colonel (retired), Bsc electrical engineering and MA business administration and economics, Beer Sheba University, has over 25 years of experience in the area of communications and computing. As the head of the communication infrastructure division, he led some of the most extensive technological projects for the different army units. Kobi was a partner of projects at the technological forefront - initiation, design and implementation such as “Avnet Yarok” communication project. Kobi has joined DOR information Technologies in 2007 and he leads various projects in all sectors. His cross-area proficiency and devotion is an asset to the company’s employees and colleagues.

Alon Atia - V.P Professional Services​

Alon, Lt. Colonel (retired), BA in Economics, Administration and Logistics, Bar-Ilan University, has more than 26 years of experience in commanding various units in the communication intelligence corps. His proven experience includes management and integration of complex multi-disciplinary ICT projects and operations, involving more than 200 subordinates, multiple contractors and service providers. In his position as a battalion commander, he led some of the most important ICT projects for many mission-critical units including all technological aspects: infrastructure and facilities, networking, system, information systems and data security. Alon Joined DOR Information Technology early 2015 and with his enormous knowledge and experience, he successfully applies his management skills and principles in few of the most complex projects while meeting client objectives, budget and schedule.

Eyal Reuveni - CTO​

Eyal, BSc information systems, NSW University Sydney, Australia and over 15 years of experience in analysis, design and architecture of complex multi-disciplinary communication networks and computer systems. With army experience as a commanding officer (Major) in the combat engineering corps, Eyal manages extensive projects in the business, government and military sectors. His proven experience in both design and projects management emphasises fulfilment of the customers visions and business objectives. He strives to create a synergetic working environment with mutual responsibility of everyone who is involved – project staff members, suppliers and service providers. Eyal has joined DOR information Technology in early 2004.

Sharon Pinto - Data Security and Forescout Product Manager

Sharon, electronics and computer practical engineer, with over 20 years of experience in the IT field. He has extensive experience in computing, communications and data security and was responsible for the design, deployment and implementation of several complex IT projects. Sharon has joined DOR Information Technologies in 2006 and became the head of the homeland security consulting, implementation and ForeScout NAC integration team.

Oren Bahri - Chairman

Oren, electronics engineer, Tel Aviv University graduate and over 20 years of experience in the area of IT. He has led some of the most significant technological projects for a diverse array of organisations. As an officer in the IDF communication corps and intelligence corps, Oren served in numerous professional commanding positions in the area of communications and computers, worked in demanding environments and challenging projects while committing to the customer objectives. In 2004, Oren initiated DOR Information Technologies operations and was the CEO untill 2016. His many years of experience is the company’s asset and drive.

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