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Employment of in-house IT personnel is not always cost effective for organisations. Locating experts may sometimes take time and efforts. Outsourcing can be a good solution for a near immediate professional response without the need to invest in personnel recruitment. DOR provides professional IT personnel and experts in different disciplines who can either become a part of the organisation’s team or be employed according to the organisation’s needs and time intervals.

Market Research

​​Technologies expand and advance very rapidly. New technologies can provide enhanced capabilities in less costs while automatic adoption of advanced technology not necessarily suitable for the organisation, is not advisable. DOR helps organisations take the right decision with regards to technology or a product deployment. We focus on technologies that can better serve business requirements. Inappropriate or irrelevant selection of a system may result in unnecessary overheads and potentially harm production environments. Familiarity with the communication, computer and information systems market, keeping up-to-date with the newest technologies and conducting a comprehensive market research for technological solutions to business requirements, enables our clients to take the most effective decision.


Overall perspective, understanding of customer demands and market forces are the essentials of optimal design of a project. DOR offers consulting in all areas of IT including infrastructure, networking, system and computing, homeland security etc. Our business oriented approach include identifying the gaps between requirements and possible applicable IT solutions. We strive to utilise existing infrastructure to its maximum in order to decrease costs. DOR consulting services are best for organisations seeking for deep analysis of existing or newly  required IT solutions or technologies.

Project Management​​​

A successful project implementation depends on its management. DOR project managers offer a comprehensive responsibility and one point of contact of the project. Bearing in mind our client's interests, we are committed to achieve all goals defined. Our project management on behalf of an organisations, enables them to stay engaged with their everyday tasks and activities. We manage and integrate all different suppliers and service providers in order to deliver the required solution. Close supervision is our tool to make sure that our suppliers meet all standards and requirements. Our project management methodology relays on the following four fundamental principles:
Schedule – an extremely significant component, influenced by and influences all other principles.
Contents – the main project contents as defined in the project design.
Resources – project budget and personnel.
Risks – management of all risks separately and as a whole.

Integration and Deployment


A fundamental step with the highest contribution towards project success is the ability to interlace different solutions. DOR is involved in few major projects where this ability becomes critical, as the number of products and vendors that correspond to the system design and need to be integrated into one solution, is increasing. This cross-area proficiency has been acquired throughout the most complex projects we lead. Our vast experience and know-hows in system integration and deployment is a notable advantage to organisations we provide our services to.

System Analysis​​ and Design

System analysis is a crucial step and the key for a successful completion of a project; it requires proficiency and understanding of the business processes. With many years of experience in a variety of projects, DOR specialises in conducting system analysis and design that reflects the organisation's needs and objectives. We insist on achieving the most accurate analysis and design in order to help decision-makers to act accordingly. Providing a technological solution that essentially grants the organisation a return on investment is our main goal in any project. Our analysis sets clear guidelines and instructions to the chosen suppliers and service providers so that all requirements are met within the client's predefined budget and schedule.

Organisations today face complex business challenges. Daily competition and market trends influence organisation’s creative thinking and increase the necessity for differentiation and pursuit efficient methods in order to fully exhaust existing resources.
One of the most fundamental elements of successful management and achievement of competitive advantage is obtainment and utilisation of information systems. Available and effective information at any time leverages organisations business capabilities and performance. Alignment of the communication and computerised systems with the enterprise’s needs is a valuable proficiency.

DOR Information Technologies operates in all stages of the project lifecycle, starting from initiation through conceptual and detailed design, project management, implementation and deployment.